TRUK Driver Training terms and conditions are a contract between the 'Company' - 'Truck Services Ltd' and the "Client".

The Company requires the following obligations are adhered to by the Client and the following terms and conditions apply when persons make payment to the company and therefore enter into this contract with the Company.

All Clients are bound to provide truthful, factual and accurate information to the Company at all times. Failure to provide accurate information or to withhold information will result in the immediate termination of training and all paid amounts will be forfeited.

Course fees for Cat C1 Driver Training, Ambulance / Paramedic Driver Training and all other lessons and courses must be paid in full prior to any training course unless a previous financial arrangement has been agreed and accepted by both parties.

Once payment is received in full, training needs to be completed within 12 months or all fees will be forfeited.
Theory access is a 90 day period, once this expires there is a £25.00 admin charge to re-activate the account.

Photographic ID deemed as a valid legal driving licence is to be carried at all times including booking, duration of the course, theory and practical test. Failure to produce a valid licence at the time of theory or practical test with result in a fail with all monies paid to the Company in relation to the test forfeited.

If a Client is banned from driving during a course all monies paid will be forfeited.

It is the Clients responsibility to ensure the correct provisional entitlement when commencing a course.

If a client wishes to cancel any training course this must be done 15 days before the course start date otherwise all course, test and subsequent VAT will be forfeited.

Any course amendments or cancellations made 15 days or more from the course date start will be subject to a 25% administration fee of the total course cost excluding VAT. Any refunds will be made to the Client within 28 days from the Client's request.

In the event a Client does not attend a course date or fails to complete a course, all fees will be forfeited.

If a client suffers from illness during a course any subsequent training will be given at a later date provided a replacement client can be found to substitute lost time.

A Doctors note certifying the dates of illness is required as evidence.

Any illness arising on the date of a test which results is loss of test fee will require the Client to reclaim fees directly from the DSA.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any course booked by the Client if course fees have not been paid in full before the course start date.

The Company reserves the right to amend course dates and will make every effort to inform the client of any changes in course dates or cancellations. Any cancellations or amendments made by the Company are free from financial penalty and the Client will be offered the next available training date.

Any client found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will, with immediate effect have their course terminated and will forfeit in full all course fees paid.

Smoking is not permitted in Company vehicles or on the company premises.

Any client taking a course with the Company agrees to adhere to instructions or notices given to them both verbally or written by any member of the Company staff. All Clients must comply with the Company safety policies and legal obligations governed by the Health and Safety at Work act 1974.

All Clients taking driver training courses must ensure they have taken adequate rest before driving to comply with the Driver Hours and Regulations and Working Time Directive.

No responsibility will be taken by the Company should a Client suffer loss of personal items in Companies vehicles or damage or theft from vehicles at Company premises.

All Clients agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when undertaking a course. If a Client is deemed to be a danger to themselves or the Company or uses abusive behaviour or language the Company reserves the right to terminate this contract without notice.

If a Company vehicle used for training develops a mechanical fault or break down, the Company will arrange further training to make up lost training time.

If the Company cancels a training appointment due to bad weather, instructor illness or any other event out of our control, the Company will arrange further training to make up lost training time.

When a test is booked by the Company for a Client no liability is accepted if inaccurate Client details have been provided should a dispute arise.

The Company is not responsible for any test cancelled by the DSA. Should this arise, the Company will make every effort to reschedule the test.

The Company reserves the right to update and amend these terms and conditions at anytime.

The Company provides copies of our terms and conditions at our training centre and displays them on our website. It is taken all Clients have read and agreed to the Company terms and conditions before requesting training or embarking on a course and therefore entering into a contractual agreement.