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Truck Services offers fast track, fully managed Cat C1 7.5 tonne truck training courses at any UK location.

A regular UK driver's licence only permits its holder to drive vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, such as a standard car, 4x4 or a Transit-sized van.

To get behind the wheel of a larger vehicle requires the acquisition of an upgraded version of the standard UK licence, the Category C1 licence.

A Category C1 licence (also known as Cat C1) allows anybody that holds one,  the opportunity to drive any vehicle weighing up to 7.5 tonnes, legally.

Given that over the next several years driving jobs are to increase by almost 20% too, the future for good drivers looks secure. Very other professionals are able to say that about their industry, making becoming a Cat C1 (7.5 tonne) truck driver an attractive proposition.

Category C1 Driving Licence

Because a Cat C1 licence is required to drive any type of larger vehicle, it's extremely useful for those looking to find a career in delivery driving or transportation. As most companies use a 7.5 tonne vehicle as part of their business, it's more often than not a requirement to hold the licence in order to be eligible for the job.

Before you can go about getting the upgraded licence, you need to ensure the following:

  • You're over 18 years old
  • You have good eyesight
  • You have a full, unrestricted Cat B car licence
  • You are competent in speaking English
  • You can pass a medical

Assuming your medical is successful, the next step is to apply for a provisional licence from the DVLA. This is free, and will allow you to get behind the wheel of an LGV in order to practice for your full licence. Form D2 from the DVLA website will be required, however it too can again be picked up from your local Post Office.

Cat C1 driving licence entitlement allows you to drive a truck up to 7.5 tonnes or 7,500kg. You can also tow a trailer with a maxiumum weight of 750kg. If you need to tow more weight than this please see our Category C1+E driver training.

Truck ServicesCategory C1 Vehicles

For Cat C1 driver training we offer high specification Ford 7.5 tonne trucks equipped with Air Con, ABS. Our training vehicles feature in cab cameras which record you training. We can playback your driving and comment and advise on your performance from our training centre.

Category Cat C1 Driver Training Course

Before commencing your training with Truck Services you need to have the C1 Provisional on your licence. If you do not already have this we can arrange a "Fit to drive" Medical with our doctor and complete all the relevant forms for you before sending your licence to DVLA.

The next part of the Cat C1 course is Theory Training. We offer an excellent online practice resource for you to use which will prepare you for your Theory Test with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ). The Theory Test is a two part test, the first being a set of multiple choice questions. You use a touch screen monitor to complete this test by selecting the correct answer to a series of questions. The second part is a hazard perception test which asks you to click on any potential road hazards using a computer and mouse.

You need to successfully pass both parts of the Theory Test. Once you've done this you can then start your practical training with us and we will pass you over to one of our instructors.

Practical training for the Cat C1 test involves vehicle safety knowledge and practical driving procedures.

We offer one-to-one tuition for the very best learning experience. For companies looking to train multiple drivers, we do offer bespoke driver training packages tailor-made to your requirments.

Category Cat C1 Driving Licence

The test for a Cat C1 licence is a lot more thorough than that of a regular driving test, due to the challenges and dangers associated with larger vehicles. Despite this, pass rates remain high, suggesting test conditions are slightly less pressured, and training courses are highly effective.

You'll take the test in whichever vehicle you trained in, which should help you to feel more confident going into the testing environment.

Once you've passed the test, you'll receive your new, upgraded Cat C1 licence, which will open up a wide range of doors for you.

You'll be eligible for many types of driver, delivery and transportation jobs.

Category C1 7.5 Tonne Driving Jobs

If you're looking to pass your Cat C1 to start a new career we can help. Through our partner recruitment company Heads Logisitics we offer a guranteed driving job to anyone passing their test with us (subject to interview).

The variety of choice as far as companies to work for is concerned, is vast, with many businesses now choosing to expand their enterprises.

Supermarket's are one of the largest employer's of those with Cat C1 licences, as are package-delivery companies such as UPS, TNT Express, and other firms.

Work is relatively easy to get, compared to many other ailing sectors in the UK, and experience is less of an issue in the driving industry, as holding the correct licence proves validity for the job.

Multi-drop drivers are in currently in high demand, however when working for specialist delivery companies, wages can rise dramatically. Examples of this include companies like G4S and Fresh logistics, who pay up to £20 per hour to drive their specialty goods vehicles.

Self-employment, Part-time employment

According to government statistics, 40% of those with a Cat C1 licence work part time, or as self-employed drivers.

The option to work individual hours is one taken by many working in the field, who choose to use their skills to work around their private lives. Due to the regularity of work and the reliable nature of driving jobs, many feel it an easier industry to go self-employed or part-time in than many others.

Job security

As a Cat C1 licence holder, you'll be working in an industry that has more demand for your skills than there are workers. The industry as a whole is 6% greater than the national average for vacancies. This means, professional and reliable drivers will remain in shorter supply than the industry would like.

Category C1 Course Enquiries and Bookings

For further information or to book a course please complete our contact form or call Truck Services Ltd on 01204 523235.

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